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The Pearl Dream has a successful track record of providing Application Development as well as web apps for private service, government and public companies. Key Clients include the following: CertifyOS, Ai4, SKYBIT, Cayuse Commercial Services and many public, government and private clients under NDA.*
  1. Media: TED/Annecy Featured Branded Media Platform & Creator Ecosystem
  2. Technology: Management Consulting with HR Benefits and Insurance
  3. Advisory: Digital Twins Strategy, and Proprietary Industry Research
Discovery phase
Develop a complete context that enables you to develop a platform or ecosystem user experience that unlocks value, retains users and saves on cost.
Quantitative research
We use data-driven research to help us understand the market landscape and to provide a context within which your project will be developed:
– Targeted audience surveys
– Third party research 
Qualitative research
A signature feature of our practice. Qualitative research is designed to tell you things about your users that may not even be on your radar: if a survey question asks a user if they prefer a), b), or c), this kind of research points out that they may be an option d) that you never even considered. Some of the most valuable insights come from this type of work:
– Customer insight interviews
– Corporate stakeholder interviews 
– Competitive landscape analysis
Analytics review
We review performance data for your current platforms. For example, are there touchpoints in the journey where users abandon the process in high numbers? 
Heuristic analysis
Expert analysis of your current digital footprint. How well does it support your needs? Where might users be running into trouble:
Discovery phase output
– Persona development: fleshing out the various user types to help visualize and prioritize their needs and motivations.
– User journeys: Work out the main paths by which users accomplish goals and critical moments in each journey.

Design phase
Based on findings in discovery, determine what digital strategy will be most effective in aligning user needs and motivations with business goals: 
UX Strategy
Which platforms (ie, mobile vs web) will be most effective in fulfilling our strategic goals? What is the balance of functionality between them? Which tasks are more suitable for which channels? We lay out the big picture as a pretext for buy-in and to begin prototype development.
Prototype development
– Create working models of the interface that stakeholders can click through and evaluate. 
Concept evaluation
Revise based on internal feedback to ensure that business goals are adequately represented.
Usability testing
Place the prototype in front of users and adjust the prototype iteratively based on feedback. 
– Remote usability testing
– A/B testing
– In-person lab usability tests
– Low-fidelity prototype testing

Build phase
Once the interface is finalized, develop detailed specifications that can be used by designers and programmers to build the product in its various forms – the blueprint by which everything is built. Oversee the results to ensure that they comply with what we’ve learned.

Carefully monitor how the deployment is received. Conduct ongoing analytics review to create a comparison whereby the results can be compared to pre-launch products as a baseline. Continue to adjust interface and design elements appropriately.
PAUL CARON, Head of Brand/UX Philiospy and Practice at TPD

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Our team's experience varies from junior to senior expert levels and ultimately, brings over decades of joint management consulting experience/design for public/private institutions.

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Our team has over 100 years of joint management consulting experience designing, developing and deploying custom web, cloud, and mobile solutions in including.

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